Step into the world of CodePix Labs, where our expert team transforms your digital aspirations into reality. With a range of specialized WordPress solutions, we’re here to elevate your online presence. From fine-tuned optimizations to tailored enhancements, our services are designed to deliver unmatched digital experiences. At CodePix Labs, we’re more than just a WordPress agency – we’re your partners in achieving digital excellence.


Transform your WordPress website into a thriving online store. We set up robust e-commerce platforms, integrate secure payment gateways, and design captivating product displays to maximize your online sales potential.

Social Network

We will deliver a highly engaging & robust social media experience to your users. A scalable, high-traffic social network that will be tailored to your needs and crafted to deliver performance and success.

API Integrations

From simple API integration services to complex or multiple end-points custom API development, we can create a solution that is easy to consume, well documented, and truly dependable.


Revolutionize online education with a dedicated eLearning platform powered by LearnDash. We design and implement interactive courses, quizzes, and certificates to provide a seamless and effective learning experience for students.

Membership Sites

Create exclusive online communities and subscription-based platforms with our membership site development. Empower clients to offer premium content, forums, and gated resources, fostering engagement and generating recurring revenue.

Site Migration

Effortlessly transition to WordPress or upgrade your existing site with our content migration and data transfer expertise. We ensure a smooth transfer of content, preserving SEO rankings and user experience throughout the migration process.

Plugin Development

Enhance your website’s functionality with seamless integration of plugins or develop custom plugins to meet specific requirements. We empower your WordPress site with powerful features that improve user experience and achieve your business goals.

Troubleshooting & Support

Whether your website has hit a dead end, or you need some issue fixed, we are here to help you with everything WordPress. Our expertise & experience in a wide array of services will make sure you get solutions at your disposal quickly & efficiently.

Theme Customizations

Elevate your website’s visual identity with our expert theme customizations. Our skilled team adeptly transforms off-the-shelf themes into bespoke designs that resonate with your brand’s essence. From color palettes to layout adjustments, we ensure your website captures attention and leaves a lasting impression.

Performance Optimization

Speed is crucial in the digital realm, and our performance optimization services are here to make your website lightning-fast. Through meticulous analysis, caching strategies, and code enhancements, we enhance your site’s loading times and responsiveness, ensuring visitors stay engaged and satisfied.

Page Builders

Unleash your creative potential with our tailor-made page builder modules, compatible with popular platforms like Divi, Elementor, and Gutenberg. These modules empower you to craft captivating web pages without coding complexities. Elevate user engagement with interactive elements and dynamic layouts that effortlessly align with your vision.

Support & Maintenance

Ensure your website’s continuous success with our reliable maintenance services. We handle the technical intricacies, including updates, security checks, and regular backups, so you can focus on what truly matters: your business. Our dedicated support guarantees a seamless online presence while safeguarding against potential issues.